Our Products

EQ Trade

World’s largest trade dataset

In today’s big data world, making decisions, forming views or running models on unreliable information is inexcusable and costly. Equant Analytics uses leading-edge big data management and sophisticated cleaning and integration tools to solve this problem.



EQ Trade Finance

The world’s first global overview of the trade finance market

Trade finance has a data problem. Practitioners do not have benchmarks for market size globally, the costs and returns from trade finance by different geographies and financial products or how the market is shifting over time. Equant Analytics uses big data techniques to provide this data globally.

EQ Risk

Country specific risk metrics

Regulation and compliance is increasingly important. Our unique approach to geopolitical and trade risk covers every angle across the risk spectrum; from currencies and compliance to sanctions and terrorism.



EQ News

Social Media & Event Analysis

We provide access to the world’s smartest news and social media monitoring, analysis and reporting platform. The size and power of our data collection methods combined with our unique processing techniques delivers our clients an unprecedented level of market insight.