Our Process

Advanced Methods of Data Collection

High level Quality Control

Equant Analytics provides the world’s largest dataset of global trade flows covering the time period 1996-2025 for annual data and monthly data from January 1996 to the current month.The merchandise goods trade data series cover import and export flows for 200 countries by partner, by sector, and by partner-sector trade routes. 12,800 merchandise trade products and sectors are also covered.

The services data series are taken from OECD, Eurostat and United Nations data harmonised to a common classification, BPM6. They cover all 200 countries with a minimum of ten sectors for each from 1960 onwards. The services data series are currently annual and allow analysis by country, service sector and partner.

Goods and Service Data

All the way back to 1996

The goods and services datasets use OECD mirroring techniques to ensure that bi-lateral trade flows are identical. For example, exports of oil from Saudi Arabia to Germany will have the same value as imports of oil into Germany from Saudi Arabia.