Santander Trade Barometer

Santander Trade Barometer. How is the business and economic climate affecting UK companies’ desire to trade?

We worked with Santander to provide this Santander Trade barometer report. It provides unique insight into current business attitudes. The barometer can shape how businesses and policymakers support the business community in the months and years ahead. We analyzed the responses of 1,000 businesses with the size and ambition to be engaged in international trade. Our findings reveal increasing interest and confidence in new destinations for trade. But there are also concerns that progress will be hampered by skills shortages, complex bureaucracy and the failure to spot and seize opportunities

71% of the UK’s businesses are confident of growth in the next 12 months. Those which intend to begin trading internationally in the next year are particularly confident (74%). This reveals a strong link between plans for international trade and increased business confidence.

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