Client Reports

Theano Advisors – Disruptive trends in the banking sector
Report from the Equant Analytics and Theano Advisors Seminar, 26th October. 2016

If we know anything at all at the moment, it is that we live in an uncertain world. Banks are no different to the rest of us and some of the challenges they face are little short of existential. Low interest rates and high liquidity levels push the search for yield out of traditional areas of banking while Brexit, the slowdown in Asia and the increase in regulations and compliance concerns raise issues of what a bank actually is: is it a utility;? Is it a liquidity provider? Is it a platform of complex legal, client and third party and correspondent relationships? Is it a payment system, in the words of one participant, “the paypal solution”?

Most importantly of all, is technology, specifically digitization and Fintech, a disruptor or an enabler to the sector?

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Santander Trade Barometer. How is the business and economic climate affecting UK companies’ desire to trade?

We worked with Santander to provide this Santander Trade barometer report. It provides unique insight into current business attitudes. The barometer can shape how businesses and policymakers support the business community in the months and years ahead. We analyzed the responses of 1,000 businesses with the size and ambition to be engaged in international trade. Our findings reveal increasing interest and confidence in new destinations for trade. But there are also concerns…

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We work with GTR and produce a series of GTR+ supplements which use our global trade data expertise and analysis to illustrate, illuminate and explain a number of trade flow issues. They are extremely readable, designed to appeal to both those within the sector and also those with a interest in finding out more about the global economy.

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