Our Expertise

Reverse Engineering of Trade Data is the key

Unique Triangulation of Data Sources

Our work is based on a unique synthesis of survey data, targeted sectoral research and access to our bespoke trade data set. Our team is highly experienced in the trade and trade finance space which yields unparalleled insights and understanding of trade. We identify where the growth is global, which sectors are strongest and how the opportunities of trade can be realised.

Equant Analytics uses the world’s largest dataset of global trade flows covering the time period 1996-2025 for annual data and monthly data from January 1996 to the current month. The merchandise goods trade data series cover import and export flows for 200 countries by partner, by sector, and by partner-sector trade routes. The data cover merchandise goods and services.

Unique Interpretation for Outstanding Advisory

Bespoke Research for Intelligent Insight

Our approach to combining data survey material and qualitative research is unique. Our experience in providing insight and analysis for the trade and trade finance community is unrivalled. We conduct trade surveys, data-led trade mapping, assessments of trade flows, analysis of trade finance, political risk mitigation and intelligence and analytics interpreting sectoral trends. Our clients are banks and finance houses, risk insurance businesses and media companies.

All our consultancy is based on evidence. However, our experience in bringing intelligence to information in the trade finance space makes us both distinctive and value-adding at every level from the C-Suite through operations, strategy and planning to marketing and communications.